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About Digital Art / Student Member thats MISS Spice to you...Female/United States Groups :iconharpg-outlaw-trail: HARPG-Outlaw-Trail
on HIATUS, sorry :/
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thats MISS Spice to you...
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey guys, I'm Spice; Communications major at the University in good old sunny southern California.
Just three things I need to live:
Horses, Star Trek, and Assassin's Creed.

"Attractive personality. Affectionate Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others.Great kisser. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Observant and assesses others."
:iconpffplz: Zodiac, you flatter me.

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"Next time you're at a restaurant, order salmonella. It's the best kind of salmon."

"Scientist say the world is made of mostly protons, neutrons, and electrons. they forgot to mention morons."

"What could possibly be in an end table... GOLD?!?"

"Dinner is served, cold steel on a plate of your face."


"Aw, COME ON game, just let me kill everybody!

You're dead, see you in hell

you're dead

you're dead

you're dead aaand

you're dead.

Now gimme all your money.

Thaaaank you."

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe
is that none of it has tried to contact us." - Calvin

Tell me about starseeds. I want to know who I am.


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Well... I'm a little late in chasing after the bandwagon, but I felt the urge to share - oddly enough.

I was stalking HARPG long before I ever joined dA, I was but a wee tadpole that just liked looking at drawings of horsies. And I remember it clear as day, that the first stable that even brought Horse Art RPG to my attention was Jullelin (I think because in doing random google searches of ponies, her art came up). I just found it fascinating that you could just ... create. Instead of those stable simulation games, you could friggin pet your horses, feed them, ride them - basically if you could think of it, you could create it. It could all happen in this little virtual world that you controlled. And Jullelin was a really good teacher (unwittingly) in exampling just how many things could be done with these pixel ponies. I mean, someone says Devil Wears Prada or Seaborn Legend (and so many others in HARPG) and you're thinking of these horses - they have the same effect as Totilas or Man O' War in our world. The fact that a fictional, virtual world could have its own culture in itself is still captivating (and as a Communications major, I enjoy observing this - maybe there should be an HARPG history textbook... or encyclopedia). Of course, upon discovering this brilliant new medium of creativity, I fell in love with just about every artist and horse I came upon, most notably abosz007, handstands-for-you and Vox-Morda, who were beautiful examples of just how intricate and wonderfully innovative virtual stables could be, with amazing horses and staff.

It took me a while, but I decided to create a dA account a while later (after sufficient stalking). And it is here that I will interject something incredibly personal - perhaps it doesn't seem so personal, but it is something i keep very close to my chest: I reaaaally don't hold my art in high esteem, and as much as I wish to improve, I am incredibly terrified of doing so. And this is something that frustrates my father to no end (having graduated with fine arts degree and being a professional artist for a time in his heyday). I am afraid that focusing too much on art will ruin the special, precarious space it has in my heart. That is why I am not an art major, and never ever wished to be at any point in my life (this is in no way a criticism to other artists). I am completely content (ok, not really) learning and improving at the sluggish pace that I am currently moving. Basically, as much as I'd love to get paid for drawing, I am not about to let it turn into something that is a chore instead of a joy. Drawing is an incredibly exhausting task for me (which is why I'm so slow), and I am very timid when it comes to trying new techniques. By forcing my creative process in any way would completely ruin it for me and probably make me backslide in my progress. And I am NOT about to let the ONE thing in my life that I find emotionally rewarding (besides actually being around horses) become something that I despise. Like I said... Art and I have an extremely precarious relationship.

Sorry for my life story, but it does - in retrospect - explain why I was slightly reserved when it came to joining an art site. But if I enjoyed drawing, why not be inspired by others. So HARPG was basically my sole reason for joining dA, if I couldn't have my own RL horse i was damn well going to have a stable-full of pixel ponies. I remember refreshing my messages over and over again waiting for my request to join to be accepted, and I was absolutely delighted when it was. It was a long time of general nothingness and tying to figure out my stable identity, which led to the strange little menagerie I have today. I've met so many wonderful, friendly, helpful people on here. To name only a smaaaall few who have had an impact on me: ShiaWolfe, Shotechi, Tattered-Dreams, LeavingNeverland, and SO MANY OTHERS but if I listed everyone we'd be here all day.

While HARPG has been the main focus of my art journey, I cannot create a dA story without mentioning my RP group life: with my first being Forests-of-Eden, and my true love AC-Doctrina - I have joined others, but these two were the ones that I actually stuck with. FoE was really a journey of many firsts, and really opened my eyes further to characters and development - until it kind of died and I didn't join when it reopened. ACD is still a very dear-to-my-heart group, and Mateo is still a very active character who is constantly evolving and surprising me. His character was really the first that I realized I didn't have control over; he was - er, IS - a being all his own. AND FOUND SOME OF THE MOST FAB COMPANIONS THERE most notably PomSpom, mylittlepornicorn, deathbywalmart, RagazzaLupa AND OF COURSE Gaaralover-chan (who i am now able to say that I CAN MURDER HER IN HER SLEEP IF I WANTED TO BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE but I can't because she's one of the few ppl who willingly cosplay with me so she will live - for now).

It was these kind of groups that then inspired me to make HARPG-Outlaw-Trail - that and the previous lack of "old west" in HARPG. My entire life I've been deeply steeped in cowboy culture, so it was an absolute dream come true to bring it to life for other people, and an even greater joy to see it become so successful. Then seeing so many other groups crop up having drawn inspiration from OT was more than I could have ever hoped for, and it really got me more involved in the community than I have ever been.

I suppose my reason for posting this (at all) is because things seem to be coming full circle - those that I have idolized for so long have actually turned around and started following my work, and new artists are surprisingly coming to me for help wut why. I don't know how I've come this far, but I know my best is still to come if I keep my mind open to learning new things with every piece I make. And I honestly don't think I'd have gotten this far without the wonderful support from every single person who watches me, or makes a comment, or makes me gift art, or favorites my stuff religiously :aww: (you know who you are). And that's why I will be uploading a batch of adopts for my watchers this week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Because, although I might not show it all the time, I am very grateful for all of you.


- Spice :heart:

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